Burdette Lab at UIC



Research Goals

Breaking News:

Collaborative UH2 with Teresa Woodruff and Julie Kim at Northwestern selected for funding by NIEHS.

Denisse wins Outstanding poster presentation at SROP event.

Subbu awarded a Dean’s Scholarship, Vivian is awarded the Mark Wyatt Memorial Scholarship, and Denisse is selected into the SROP summer research program.

Ally wins a prize at MBRB research day in the therapeutics category.

Matt wins his category in the ENDO 2017 Presidential Poster Competition. Awesome!

Ally’s F30 is funded through NCI to support  her graduate work on phyllanthusmans and microfluidics.


The Burdette lab is interested in biological questions that are important for women’s health.  We integrate imaging, drug discovery, and basic biology to try and understand how and where ovarian cancers originate.  Our research primarily uses mouse models to understand early events in ovarian cancers.  We are also using natural products to uncover new anti-cancer molecules.