Burdette Lab at UIC



Research Goals

Breaking News:

Adam Li joins the lab. Tia, Angela and Jose publish their paper on androgen action and cilia.

Congrats to our graduates- Kim, Kanella, and Jun. We are so proud of you.

Tova receives Chancellor’s Student Service Award.

Tova and Matt’s review article accepted to Cancer Letters.

Julia and Brenna’s paper on phytoglucocorticoids accepted to Hormones and Cancer. Brenna accepted to MSTP.


The Burdette lab is interested in biological questions that are important for women’s health.  We integrate imaging, drug discovery, organ on a chip, and basic biology to try and understand how and where ovarian cancers originate.  Our research primarily uses mouse models and organs on a chip to understand early events in ovarian cancers.  We explore the potential of natural products for new anti-cancer molecules and their mechanism of action.